January 12, 2013

One of the most important ways to put a value on your work is to increase your following. A following is a guarantee for the collab artist, promoter, etc. that they will have a packed house and subsequently make a profit off of you. Your following determines how big you are and can fluctuate depending on how you nurture it.

This is a time to be honest with yourself. Take this time to determine your number by asking these questions:
  1. How many legit followers/ friends do you have on your social media sites?
  2. How many downloads do you get within the first day of putting new music out?
  3. How many people came to your last event (or inquire about a performance)?
  4. How many of your of friends are die-hard fans?
Add these numbers up and divide it by 4. This will give you a rough number of your followers. Anytime you are involved in anything, set this as your standard. Remember, that others will hold you to this number as well.

An ideal number to reach for would be 125 as it will give you power to ask for things. How do I get there? Start with your family and friends and their circles. Next, get out in your city. Open mics, charity work, and showcases are great ways to gain new followers. Try to play at places with artists of a similar sound. Their followers can become yours. Next, use media outlets including blogs, forums, magazines, and event pages to get the word out. Finally, use your voice through social media. Using all of these together and effectively will result in a strong following to launch your career to higher heights.

AskBri: What is the most effective way to market my recorded music with social networking?

Great question and one that we will be covering in the coming weeks. The simple way to answer that is with research and a plan. There are tons of options out there. Narrowing down what will work for you and being consistent and aggressive will pay off. Also, realize that social networking may not have an instant return. Next week, we will formulate a plan to keep you on track.

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