January 15, 2013

A week or two ago, I was invited by Nathan Wright to revisit CA Sound Studios in Orange County, California for a second round of audio mayhem.  After making the trek up there this past Saturday, I was pleased to meet the rest of the crew from Wright Records and participate in some meaningful industry discussion.  By the way, Nathan is the studio’s CEO and owner of Wright Records.  Several notable artists are signed to Wright Records, including Curtis Young – Dr. Dre’s son.

Nathan Wright, Nathan Wright CEO, Steven Fies, Christian Juarez, Raymond Gomez, Wright Records, CA Sound Studios, California Sound Studios
Christian Juarez, Steven Fies, Nathan Wright, and Raymond Gomez
@CASoundStudios on January 12, 2013

When I first arrived at his office, I could hear Nathan chatting with an artist and two staff members about a new track that was coming out.  It was a punchy rap song with a modern hook but definitive old-school vibe and lyrics.  I remember thinking that it was arranged well and compressed well (from an audio mixing standpoint).  Cool stuff – I’ll have to figure out who that was and let you know for next time.

Minutes later, the artist made his way out and I was invited to join the guys from the label in Nathan’s office.  We immediately began a discussion about the future of Wright Records, CA Sound Studios, and some of the various programs and services they offer both musicians and aspiring industry professionals.  The program that sparked my interest the most was their comprehensive internship program.

For anyone in the Orange County or Long Beach area, this is an outstanding way to get into the industry and gain significant experience in all aspects of the music business.  Let me break it down for you in detail:

First, CA Sound Studios hand picks qualified individuals that have a passion for music and a desire to succeed in the industry.  In order to be qualified, you must have a good ear for up and coming music along with the ambition it takes to learn quickly and effectively.  Interns are exposed to a large amount of information in a relatively short amount of time, including structured training in all of the following areas:

1) Production (Writing/Editing/Mixing Music)
2) Distribution (Different Stores/Formats for Radio, Online, etc.)
3) Publishing (Copyrights, ASCAP & BMI)
4) Management (Content, Booking, Packaging)
5) Promotions (Pictures, Bios, Videos, Online Content, Presentation, Approaching Labels)

Along the way, interns can expect to learn about studio logistics, scouting for new artists, how to properly review press kits, and how to approach bands and other industry professionals.  Most importantly, you’ll score free tickets to concerts and local shows on behalf of CA Sound Studios.

In the future, I plan to collaborate with Nathan, Wright Records, and CA Sound Studios to cover the aforementioned areas in much greater detail.  For now, it shall suffice to say that I’m greatly looking forward to my third trip up to OC and the creation of yet another great installment in the CA Sound Studios saga.  Stay tuned.


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