January 26, 2013

Yesterday was one of the most incredible days of my life: I attended NAMM 2013 in order to cover as much ground as possible with the goal of both absorbing new knowledge and passing it along to all of you.  I'm still recovering from the long day, organizing my photos and video content, and authoring up several posts, including a general overview of the event.  In the meantime, though, here's an interesting release that I think many mainstream home-recording users will absolutely love from Yamaha:

-USB MIDI Interface Cable Is First Yamaha Connector to Work With iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch-

ANAHEIM, California — At the 2013 NAMM Show, Yamaha will introduce the i-UX1, a MIDI interface cable that enables quick, easy, seamless connection between the iPad /iPhone/iPod Touch and MIDI instruments. Just plug it in, and the i-UX1 works with Core MIDI compatible iOS Applications.

This is the first cable that connects instruments that have USB MIDI (vs. regular 5-pin DIN MIDI) to iDevices. The i-UX1 works with the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch. Following an intuitive setup process, the i-UX1 quickly expands the functions of Yamaha MIDI instruments, enabling players to easily launch Yamaha’s innovative Apps, such as Piano Diary and MusicSoft Manager. It also allows users to edit the sound of their instruments from the iPhone, or the larger display of the iPad.

“The i-UX1 is yet another example of the growing synergies between Apple products and Yamaha music technology,” said Dane Madsen, Yamaha Digital Piano Marketing Manager. “This elegant connector will open up a whole new world of possibilities and functionality for Apple users.”

Credit to Marc Ferris for this press release from Yamaha.  He may be reached for further information at mferris@giles.com.


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