February 24, 2013

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Billboard has recently modified its chart positioning algorithm to include YouTube views.  One contributing factor was that Gangnam Style never made it to the #1 spot during 2012, despite being the first video to ever reach over one billion views on YouTube, and arguably being the most popular song of the year.

Another song, or rather phenomenon, that triggered this change was The Harlem Shake by Bauuer.  Now that the algorithm has gone into effect (this past week), if you look at Billboard's Top 100 right now, you'll see it in the #1 spot.

Other factors that go into Billboard's chart-topping calculations include radio airplay, internet song streams, internet downloads, and sales of physical albums/singles.  Broadcast Data Systems (BDS) is specifically used to monitor and aggregate date regarding radio airplay, calculating the product of how many times a station plays a song multiplied by how many people are listening.

VEVO is included in the new algorithm to factor in YouTube views, as well.


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