September 11, 2014

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The Parish Festival
You may have noticed a trend in popular music recently: Folk music and banjos with thumping upright bass and vocal harmonies. But what happened to guitar solos? That's where The Parish Festival from Austin, TX comes in.

The Parish Festival, in their 10th year as a band, has reformed and are taking the Austin music scene by storm. Playing a combination of 1920's jazz, mixed with traditional country and a splash of pop, their lush harmonies and superior songwriting will have you humming their contagious melodies long after the show has ended. Oh, and they've got guitar solos, too.

Give the song Hold No Patience a listen, off of their self-titled EP, one of the two EP's they released in 2013. Or come listen to them trade solos on Love or Lack Thereof at a live show. They've even got some crowd pleasing slap upright bass, and a female vocalist who's equal parts Ella Fitzgerald as she is Jenny Lewis.

The talent in this band is deep, and their attention to detail is just one of the many things that sets the band apart from the rest. If you like to dance, sing along with catchy choruses, and click the repeat button on your favorite songs, The Parish Festival will be your new favorite band. They've got a banjo, too!


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