April 13, 2017

You should constantly keep on getting that much-needed motivation if you want to proceed effectively with the idea and process of improvisation. Music is unquestionably an undistinguishable part of your life, but when you look at it from the eyes of a musician your perception about it changes drastically as it becomes both your life and religion.

Your outlook on music changes the very moment when you start thinking that you have to make your career in it. Learning musical skills and improving them over time certainly require a strong determination and an undying attitude to learning and inculcate new things thereby boosting your skills slowly with each passing day. The famous proverb "practice makes a man perfect, remains truly relevant in the case of musical improvisation, but sadly not everyone understands it. People who think about becoming a good musician fail to act accordingly. As far as your career is concerned, you cannot succeed in anything just because you are interested in it, you have to have that zeal and should perform all the important activities that lead to success.

Learning music genres like jazz, pop, rock, and blues is really very difficult, and hence you must have a proper guidance, otherwise you cannot gain anything concrete in this area.

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Read on to figure out how you can improvise your jazz music skills over time.

Maintain A Checklist To Keep A Track Of What You Want To Learn

All of us want to learn new or fresh skills each new day, but how many of us actually succeed in that. Well, if you want to gain something in life, you have to really adopt a very powerful approach towards it, otherwise, things will never turn out the way you think of them. You need to ingrain a lot of important habits in you such as maintaining a checklist that talks about what you need to learn on the daily basis. Until and unless you have a checklist with you, you won't be able to figure out what to learn on a daily basis. You can also maintain a diary and write everything in it in terms of what new skills you are looking forward to learning.

So, once you have everything written in the diary, as soon as you enter your practice room, you won't confuse yourself when it comes to picking a particular topic and going ahead with your practice session. In addition to that, you should also write in your diary everything that you learn on a daily basis, so that whenever you open it you easily get an idea of things that you have already covered. Yes, your diary should be updated daily in terms of the chord that you practice and tunes that you learn. In addition to that, your diary should also have the details of the kind of solo's that you have transcribed.

Point Out The Troubles And Work On Them

You should also write all the problems that you confront during the practice sessions on a daily basis. Once you write them in your diary, you should start working on them immediately. And until and unless you get perfect solutions for those problems, you should never jump on other topics, as that can pull your growth back. All you need to remember here is regularity or stability is the key to success, so don't even think about leaving this habit of yours.

Set A Target That You Need To Achieve

You should also try to write short-term goals, and adopt an aggressive approach to accomplish them. It gives a unique feeling when you start chasing your goals and accomplish them. This is a great way to succeed in life.

Stick To Your Goals And Take Failures Positively

If in case you are unable to accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself, you should never get demotivated. If that happens, then you won't be able to take the process of improvisation in the right spirit, which will apparently create a lot of obstacles for you in future.

Rather than getting demotivated you should start taking your failures as pillars of success. Whenever you fail at something, you should double your efforts and learn it in a better way. In short, don't be scared of failures and never allow them to have a negative influence on you. All you need to do is take them even more seriously and get better results this time around.

Give Yourself A Pat When You Get Better

If you succeed in doing something, you definitely deserve a pat for that. That means you should also try to recognize yourself and give some sort of reward for the same so that you can stay motivated.

Try To Chase Long Term Goals

Once you feel that you have become capable of achieving short-term goals, then comes the time to set long-term goals. You have to make it sure that, whatever you do, you have put your hundred percent after which you will get the results automatically.

Stay Consistent

Whenever you set new targets and new goals for yourself, you have to keep in mind that consistency is what will work the best for you.

Listen To Music And Concentrate On The Instruments

You have to inculcate a habit of listening to music, and when you actually do that you must concentrate on the sounds produced by the instruments in order to understand them in a better way. Listen to the sounds and think how they must have been played by the musician. In this way, you get to learn a lot of things.

Introspect Yourself

Whenever you are done with the practice session, ask yourself a question whether you have actually learned anything from it or not. If you have not, try to figure out why that happened and start working on it.

Don't Use Your Gadgets While Practicing

Discipline is very important, and it should reflect in every step that you take, for example, you should never try to use your cell phone during the practice session as that can distract you from the work.

If you take these tips seriously, you will soon become a good musician.

Article submitted by Ruby Daub of the New York Jazz Academy.


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