July 23, 2017

Her Name Echoes is one of Arizona's fastest growing bands from Tucson. Their most recent release of 'Cyclic' is an absolute must for any rock fans. This is aggressive, radio-friendly hard rock that is impossible not to sing along to. Their live performance has absolutely stunned audiences since their inception in Summer of 2015. Did I mention that two of the members in the band are medical students? That's right! Joseph Demirjian (vocals) and Billy Shank (guitar) are going to be doctors! These guys don't mess around and their passion for music is equally as strong as the devotion to their schooling and careers. Ryan Kemmer (drums) has some of the most incredible drum skills that I have seen. You might be lucky enough to catch a drum solo at a live performance. While Peter Cort├ęs fills out the rhythm, Qusai Asaad (lead guitar) adds the special melodies behind the vocals that perfectly complement each song.

Their song "Flatline" is one that you'd expect to hear at the introduction of an epic movie or on your favorite rock radio station. Give them a listen below and watch the music video for the track. If you enjoy it, be sure to give the rest of their songs a chance on Spotify or iTunes. You won't be disappointed.


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