October 2, 2017

Dopetrackz came alive in 2010, drawing inspiration from his love of art and music and the power to create. He's produced for countless artists and has collaborated on albums from all members of N.E.P. the rap collective based in Orlando, FL consisting of himself and fellow members DJ Fckm, Smoke One, Slimdation, Lanky Lank and MJ Finesse. In addition to his 10 plus albums available on all music streaming platforms now, the release of Passenger 420 the follow up to his classic album Kush Theoriez is receiving heavy rotation on music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple music and across all of social media. With more music to come in the future, including 2LiveNDieInFLA the third and final entry in Dopetrackz Kush Theoriez trilogy, prepare yourself for Dopetrackz most focused, potent, and exciting material yet.






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