May 4, 2019

David Sambola Jr is a Multi Instrumentals Melodic Alternative Rock Singer Songwriter from New Orleans Louisiana. David is a true example of the phrase "Multi Talented" David was a person down on his luck in late June 2016 with health problems and family vows in dismay he decided to dedicate his life to his first love, Music. David's pain and hardships could have ended his life but instead brought him back to his true purpose and passion, creating music.

David is so confident in his music that he has decided to stay Independent rather then seek out a Label or Contract and give his fans the opportunity to help build and shape his legacy. Read this is the heartfelt letter to the people who already support him and people he would like to say hi to and welcome.

Dear Friends Please Read, David here, I would like to personally thank every one of you no matter how far across the world you are for your support and interest in my story. My love for music started at a early age. I used to watch my Dad and his friend play Classic Rock and Metal when I was young man and before long I was playing in and out of local bands in New Orleans well into my twenties. I didn't really advance beyond local gigs so I gave up on the music business and gave family life a shot. Let's just say I went full circle, I believe in Love but, it has yet to find me.

In June 2016 I fell gravely ill and I almost lost my life due to the dental work I could not have done do to the fact I could not get the help needed. I Lost my Home, some of my closest friends, and much more. This was not due to drugs, alcohol, or neglect but bad luck at a young age as well as being denied any assistance for a long time from my government for my health. I paid out of pocket for all of my medical expensive and I didn't qualify for any insurance that would ease the burden of the medical cost. I fully recovered four months later and rather then give up, we'll let's just say, what you hear I made in my bedroom.

If not for music I would most likely go insane and this sadly is the truth. I now feel like music keeps me grounded, I really don't care what anyone thinks of me because of my mouth I already lost everything and almost my life. I worked hard my whole life and when I needed help medically my great Government denied it, so now I have dedicated my life to my musical career, hard work, dedication, the people like you that support me and my self, it is the only thing that provides me solace.

I can't really explain the motivation or how I truly do what I do, with playing different instruments by ear and being able to arrange it all it truly is a gift I should have never let go and will never again. Music is just in me, I play all my own music and I don't use any type of sampling I had no formal musically training or knowledge of any musically software until now. What you hear right now aside from "Baptized and Breathe" is all written and recorded by me in the last year. I take my music very serious and would help any fellow artist or fan who would like to connect just write me anytime. I have truly left my the future of my music career in the hands of my fans and I need your help.

My music is available to download for free on Reverbnation or other websites. I only charge $1.29 for my full album Titled The Observer Reverbnation but, it is also on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and more. I am a very laid back individually and would love opinions/advice. Hit me up on any of the Social Media links or Join the mailing list. I thank everyone deeply for the support and good vibes I have received so far.

My music is also available to stream and purchase on iTunes and Spotify with more to come soon. I vow to you the fans and to myself neither rain or shine this journey has just begun and we shall see where it leads us together. Thanks

*Fellow Artist & Supporters/Fans please sign up at it is a website for Positive artist of all styles. Request a free music Review and join the other positive artists and they fans in the community chat. Post your latest music and be featured on the website for a chance to be seen by Radio Stations, Record Labels and A&R reps.

We are all in this together. Let's support each other and reach our goals as indie artist.✌️😎🎸


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