Basic Guidelines for all Articles
  1. Include relevant links to your website, related content, YouTube videos, etc. and place them in parentheses where you would like the links to appear in the article.
  2. Please note there is a 400 word minimum for all articles.
  3. Every article must have 1 picture.
Promotional Articles
  1. Please write in the third person like a normal news article would.  This means you will address yourself and/or your band in the context of "they" as opposed to "we" or "I."
  2. If you include include a link to your SoundCloud page, we can embed your music stream into your post like in this article.  This is a great feature to get more song plays!
Technical Articles
  1. For technical articles, do your best to go into detail and help the reader understand what you are explaining.
  2. If you have several pictures to include, note that you can put them all into a *.zip file and upload that *.zip file in the file uploader in the above form.
Guest Blogging
  1. Guest blogging is a great way to obtain a valid, do-follow backlink from this site.
  2. Please write a high quality post on a musical topic to be considered for publication.
  3.  If you would like to write on a non-musical topic, please contact us first to explain your situation and allow us to make a determination whether or not your article will work.