Steven Fies
Founder, Chief Editor | First Article: July 5, 2012
Steve's Sites: EpicVerb | Weight of the Sun | Bassics Studio
Steve is an avid guitarist and business professional with a passion for music.  His most notable role was as rhythm guitarist for Weight of the Sun from 2012-2014.  During this time, he also launched and began constructing his home studio.  Eventually, he invested in and designed Bassics Studio, a fully functional recording studio in San Diego.  The construction of the studio inspired him to start as a means for providing high quality, affordable acoustic solutions to like-minded studio professionals and hobbyists.  Steve has held a passion for playing guitar and singing since he was a child, and has been a member of several other musical projects and bands since 2002.

John Licari
Freelance Writer | First Article: August 18, 2012
John's Site:
John Licari was born in the Hudson Valley of New York, and relocated to New York City in 2007, in order to attend Hunter College, and major in Music Education.  He is now a certified teacher for New York State, works as a teacher in the New York City Department of Education, operates as a music copyist, and he also engages in various musical endeavors to keep things interesting.  He composes, arranges, and performs as a percussionist.  John specializes in rock, punk, Classical, avant-garde, and jazz styles.

Erika Owen
Freelance Writer | First Article: August 29, 2012
Erika's Site:
Erika Owen was born in Dallas, Texas and raised in Whitewater, Wisconsin. She moved to Des Moines, Iowa in 2009 to start her college career at Drake University, where she plans to graduate with a double major in magazine journalism and international studies in May 2013. She is also pursuing a minor in Entrepreneurship.  This past summer, she worked as a print editorial intern for GQ magazine where she wrote for the website and aided editors with research.  Erika loves all genres of music, but has a special place in her heart for indie/alternative and folk music.

Sally Farris
Freelance Writer | First Article: September 26, 2012
Erika's Site:
Sally Farris was born in Sunrise, Florida, and since has lived all around the coastal United States. She moved to San Diego, California in 2012 after she graduated with a bachelor’s in English from Liberty University.  She works as an Editorial Assistant Intern for, and hopes the experience will one day lead to a career in music journalism.  She has a passion for music, and is especially interested in the lyrics. Her favorite band is Radiohead for their creativity and mastery of composition. She also loves bluegrass, folk, indie pop and The Eagles.

Freelance Writer | First Article: October 11, 2012
Puffin is an avid music lover. She is not a musician or a writer by trade, but music is still a huge part of her life. She has been following the local music scene in San Diego since she moved there in 2005 and spends a significant amount of her personal time at shows and with local musicians. Although her favorite genre is hard rock or metal, she loves most types of music and is always on the look out for something new. She also enjoys hiking, fantasy fiction novels, and trying to find homes for homes for homeless pets. Puffin decided to contribute to this blog because she wanted others to benefit from the hours of internet searching for new music and attending local shows that she adamantly  participates in.
Brent Morgan
Freelance Writer | First Article: December 19, 2012
Brent's Site:
Brent Morgan was born in Portland, Oregon and raised near Seattle,Washington from age 1. At age 19 he moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he attended the Art Institute of Phoenix, earning a B.A. in Advertising and Graphic Design. Brent currently works as a screenwriter / director, graphic designer, and web entrepreneur. Since watching his uncle play the drums as a child, Brent has always been an avid music lover (especially live music) and also plays the drums himself. Brent’s favorite music genres include: Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock, Grunge Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Electronic and Techno, Jazz, and the Blues.

Paul Dabrowski
Freelance Writer | First Article: December 30, 2012
Paul's Site:
Paul Dabrowski is a 41-year-old freelance writer and professional photographer living in the Chicagoland area. Paul is currently at work on his novel about aging failed wannabe rock stars entitled “Adventures in Doughnutland”.

Emmett Eldred
Freelance Writer | First Article: January 1, 2013
Emmett's Site:
Emmett Eldred was born and raised in Hollidayburg, Pennsylvania. His passion for music flourished early on playing bass, guitar, piano, and singing/songwriting for local bands. In 2012, his love for music expanded further as he became a reporter and critic for Inyourspeakers media. He specializes in indie, pop, electronic, and singer/songwriter material, but his true love is and always will be for jazz.

Brianna Pulliam
Freelance Writer | First Article: January 3, 2013
Brianna is was born and raised in Chicago, IL. She moved to New Orleans to earn a B.A. in communications and has worked in broadcast, marketing, public relations, and events. Having a passion for helping entertainers and businesses with the technical side, Brianna started a business that has helped independent artists, authors, and other businesses soar. She spends her spare time volunteering with arts programs and dancing.

Michael Moore
Freelance Writer | First Article: January 6, 2013
Michael's Site:
Michael J. Moore was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan but moved to Orlando, FL, where he attended both the University of Florida and the University of Central Florida, graduating with a B.A. in English Literature. His true passion lies with music, however. As a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, Michael has been involved with various rock and metal bands in the central Florida scene for almost a decade. He has also played with some of the premier jazz musicians in the city. He hopes to make music his profession one day soon and work with more talented musicians all over the world. An avid fan of extreme metal music, Michael also loves classical music and jazz.

Michael McLaughlin
Freelance Writer | First Article: January 7, 2013
Michael McLaughlin is completely engrossed in Music Software. He is constantly searching for the newest plugins, sample packs, and production/mixing ideas to supplement his ever-growing library. He is employed at Fort Knox Studios in Chicago, IL. He produces music in Ableton and is involved as the programmer for 2 independent projects that fuse rock and electronic music. He creates his own complex midi, instrument and audio effect racks. Please message Michael if you would like something done in Ableton, and he'll give it a shot.

Matt Peterson
Freelance Writer | First Article: January 9, 2013
Matt Peterson is young, tall, dark, handsome, and on a lifelong quest to be the best at everything.  He is a multi-instrumentalist, a DIY music producer, and general music zealot.  He plays in San Diego based band Proud Moon, and has his own solo project Peru 4 U running as well.  He specializes in math rock, funk, and sometimes hip hop, depending on the weather.

Karina Legzdins
Freelance Writer | First Article: January 10, 2013
Karina Legzdins was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She moved to San Diego for two years to complete her Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing, with her research focusing on the rhetoric of social media. She also spent a semester in Galway, Ireland studying Creative Writing and Irish literature by day and enjoying the lively, music-filled, pub-lined streets by night. Upon completing her M.A., she moved back to her hometown. Her love of music began with Shania Twain’s A Woman in Me album. A passionate equestrian, her youth was spent largely in rural Ontario where her love of country music flourished. Now, she loves to visit Nashville whenever she can. She loves the countryside, the town, the people, and, most of all, the live music. She is always using her spare time to research new artists and keep up-to-date on country music news. With the industry growing rapidly in Eastern Canada, she is always on the lookout for exciting local acts, events, and venues. 

Jennifer Lewis
Freelance Writer | First Article: January 14, 2013
Jenn Lewis was raised in San Diego, CA. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from California State University San Marcos in 2011. Writing and music have always been two major aspects of her life. Jenn knows how to play a few instruments and is an avid concert attendee. Jenn always puts her heart and soul into whatever she writes about. She considers writing and music as both forms of artistic expression and finds a unique way to blend music and writing seamlessly together.

Freelance Writer | First Article: January 16, 2013
NeeKeey was born in Northern California, but raised in Arizona (Phoenix metropolitan area). She plays piano, cello and dabbled a bit with the drums. A graduate from Arizona State University in Psychology and Social Work, she loves music and especially incorporating it into healing therapies to to help people find peace and harmony through music and play. As a social worker and life coach, she uses music, dance, theater and drama to enrich people's lives and empower communities. She loves checking out the "local scene" and seeing what's "new", as well as discovering new artists to cherish forever. NeeKeey loves to travel to different and unique places. She is currently in a yoga teacher training program to become a certified yoga instructor where she can incorporate music, healing and physical movement together for a serene outcome. You might just run into her at a local Farmer's Market these days, checking out produce and new things to spice up her life!

Ashley Lauren Dickinson
Freelance Writer | First Article: January 19, 2013
Ashley's Site:
Ashley was born in Detroit, MI and hustled her way to Chicago to study Advertising at Loyola University. A lifelong music fan, she was heavily influenced by her father's love of jazz and whatever her older, music loving sister was into, especially 80's pop and 90's grunge. Ashley is a spokesmodel for various brands, giving her the opportunity to travel the country and explore new music. As a lover of all music, she can vibe and get down with just about anything, but her ear tends to favor rock, whether it's indie, alternative, industrial, or folk.

Julianne Brenenstuhl
Freelance Writer | First Article: January 24, 2013
Julianne was born and raised an Arizona girl. She is currently attending Arizona State University pursuing a degree in English literature. She has been a writer by trade since her sophomore year in high school when she started writing for AZ Teen Magazine and later became music co editor. She has worked for the Namaste company as a freelance blogger. She is not a musician but she is a music lover who is very familiar with the music scene in Arizona and is our resident EDM authority. She is 19 years old and is an up and coming writer. In her free time she goes to EDM shows and travels nation wide to attend electronic music festivals. She decided to become a contributing blogger to share her vast knowledge of EDM and all the other genres she loves.

Marla Eizik
Freelance Writer | First Article: January 29, 2013
Marla's Site:
Marla Eizik was born and raised in Washington, in close proximity to the Seattle music scene. She is currently working her way towards obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Comparative Literature. Marla grew up going to indie, alt rock, and metal shows at the multitude of venues in Seattle, and hopes to one day work closer with the local bands she loves. She currently write for a nerdy blog and is working on setting up her own site.

Ian Agard
Freelance Writer | First Article: February 9, 2013
Ian's Site:
Ian Agard is a Toronto-based freelance writer, actor and screenwriter who writes about his passions: movies, music, and self-improvement. Two of his previous screenplays have been produced. A short film (KARMA) which was bought by short film television channel Movieola and a feature (BEND & BREAK) that he wrote, directed and produced. In his spare time, he likes to play the drums and watch movies. Ian also writes online movie reviews on his website listed above.

Renee Petrillo
Freelance Writer | First Article: February 9, 2013
Renee Petrillo was born and raised in Queens, New York.  She attends SUNY New Paltz and plans on graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations.  With a spirited young voice to her writing among other communications skills, she hopes to some day make it big in The Big Apple.  Renee’s fascination for music of all kinds has been present since she found her singing voice at a young age.  She spends her time doing Zumba, singing in the shower, and exploring the Hudson Valley.

Joslyn Corvis
Freelance Writer | First Article: February 12, 2013
Joslyn's Site:
Joslyn Corvis is known around the web as a bubblegum goth who writes horror, but one of her other passions in life has always been music. At one point, she decided to merge her love of writing and music by interviewing and reviewing musicians whose music captured her attention. She is a Texan, born and raised, and as a self-proclaimed “Jack of all trades, master of none,” runs a small home-based business doing various jobs, such as web design, writing, and reselling, on top of the occasional babysitting and housekeeping gigs. She loves the diversity of the day-to-day in her work. Being highly socially conscientious, one of her biggest stances is anti-bullying, because she believes that the world could be a much better place if every individual would adopt an attitude of kindness and acceptance toward one another.

Kevin Connors
Freelance Writer | First Article: February 25, 2013
Kevin's Site:
Kevin Connors was born and raised in Upstate New York, came of age in Boston-Mass, and developed a preference for Red Vines over Twizzlers in San Francisco, where he currently resides.  He (sometimes) writes about basketball and (occasionally) rock and roll.

Scott Magill
Freelance Writer | First Article: March 7, 2013
Scott's Site:
Scott Magill has always had a passion for music but try as he might he has no actual talent for it. He found the only way to be involved with music was by writing about it along with his other passions. He strongly believes that there is no excuse for boredom in today’s society where there is always something to do either online or in person. If he’s not writing, Scott is off doing something else that he deems awesome.

Neshell Hogan
Freelance Writer | First Article: March 9, 2013
Neshell's Site:
Neshell Hogan was born in Junction City, KS, raised in Millville, NJ and later transitioned to Bowie, MD. She has been a creative and inspiring artistic talent, writing album and live show reviews for for nearly two years as well as writing movie reviews for for a year. She is currently working to launch her own music website dedicated to the rock and metal scene. When she is not writing, Neshell spends a lot of her time with music. Not only does she write her own music, she is a guitarist, vocalist and has played the piano for 8 years. Alongside her music, she is a vocal coach for local musicians. In her free time, she enjoys furthering her musical practices, screenwriting and traveling.

Jake Cepela
Freelance Writer | First Article: March 10, 2013
Jake was born in a rural town outside of Chicago, called Shorewood, IL. After a year at Michigan State University, he hopped a plane and moved to San Diego in hopes of getting into the University of California, San Diego. Currently, he attends UCSD as a 5th year in Economics, and plans to graduate in the Spring. He started playing Piano at a young age, and after switching to the alto-saxophone for a few years, found his passion playing guitar. It wasn’t until he got to San Diego that he realized how deep his music passion went. He is currently gaining interest in the EDM genre, but focuses more on alternative and progressive rock.

Kimberly St. John
Freelance Writer | First Article: March 17, 2013
Kimberly's Site:
Kimberly St. John is a DJ based in San Diego, who's music background includes 11 years in Los Angeles, where she worked with a record label and dove into the music scene. She currently holds DJ residencies at Searsucker and Burlap, and spins at other venues when the opportunity arises. She also plays acoustic guitar. Kimberly is a founding member of The Electronic Music Alliance, whose mission is to unite the electronic music industry and community to be the “Sound of Change”; cultivating, collaborating, and celebrating social responsibility, environmental stewardship, community building, and volunteerism. She is excited and grateful to be on the Creative Edge Music writing team, helping spread word of pertinent happenings in all things music.

Mandi Paige
Freelance Writer | First Article: March 19, 2013
Mandi's Site:
Media Writer/Lyricist and event coordinator. Creator of the teen section Hear That Tune Music as well as the concert series, and recently launched New Sound Candy Music as part of OrlandoBands for a wider audience. / / @byMandip

Lilia Margarita Lopez
Freelance Writer | First Article: March 22, 2013
Lilly's Site:
Lilly Lopez was born in Tijuana, Mexico and moved to Fallbrook, California at age 4.  She was exposed to music at a young age and has been around it her whole life. Her love for rock music came along with her first major rock concert experience, Argentinian rock en español legend ENANITOS VERDES live in Tijuana, Mexico. This event moved her so much that she decided to take up guitar. She began playing with other musicians but pretty soon realized that her place wasn't on stage, but rather behind the scenes as a music journalist. Lilly began applying herself until a prestigious Mexican online culture, art and music magazine gave her the opportunity to write reviews and interview bands.  She is currently enrolled at Palomar College for digital broadcast arts and broadcast journalism. Lilly enjoys almost any genre of music, but some of her favorites are rock & roll, rock en español, blues, reggae, alternative, indie, brit pop, and many many more!

Chris Hicke
Freelance Writer | First Article: April 10, 2013
Chris's Site:
Chris was born in San Diego, CA. He toured the USA for two years in his pre-teens before returning to San Diego and enrolling in a charter school. He developed a love of heavy metal after witnessing a live performance from a local metal act during a field trip. Soon after, he picked up a guitar and his path was set. He moved to LA after graduating high school and attended the Musician's Institute for two years. Chris is now the bassist for Los Angeles-based death metal band Nihilitus and does what he can to support the LA metal scene. Chris enjoys metal of all kinds, especially progressive metal, as well as punk and hard rock, and has recently taken interest in classical and some jazz-based music. He plays guitar and bass, and is aiming to start learning piano, drums, and violin.

Nina Mohan
Freelance Writer | First Article: July 7, 2014
Nina's Site:
Nina was born in Chicago, Illinois and received a B.A. in creative writing and a B.F.A. in vocal performance from Carnegie Mellon University. She currently works as a technical writer in San Diego. She sings with the San Diego Master Choral and the South Coast Chamber Choir. While classical music is her main passion, she also has a deep love for everything indie and pop.

If you are interested in becoming a freelance writer for this blog, please feel free to contact me at and tell me a little bit about yourself.  If it seems like a good fit, I'll get back to you with more information and set the process in motion.


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