Brent Jesse's Recording & Supply, Inc. is an outstanding place to consider buying vacuum tubes.  Brent is extremely knowledgeable, willing to take the time to discuss your individual needs, and holds his tubes to extremely high standards.
Indie Shuffle is a great site developed by a friend of a friend, which now gets over 3M hits per month.  It's a great way to find good new music and get away from the mainstream, and offers a plethora of blog articles discussing the various elements of the music.

If you are a musician or a mix engineer wanting to set up an online profile, this is your solution.  You can connect all your social media sites, including your blog (such as this one), and everything will sync seamlessly.  They'll make press kits for you, e-mail opportunities for you to get your music out to the public, help you sell your music online and let you set up a free online store.

This is the site I have been using to release my music to online distributors around the world, including iTunes, Amazon, iHeartRadio and many more.  Recommended for new musicians who want to get their music up for sale but don't have a major label.

SOS (Sound on Sound)
Amazing resource for recording technology information, including reviews by key industry members and other great articles.

Outstanding forum for all things music, especially the ins and outs of hardware/software involved in music production.

ATS Acoustics
These guys make all kinds of sound panels and can help you with your acoustic treatment needs.  In my experience, their products look as good as they work, and the level of customer service is high.

TC Helicon
These guys specialize in vocal effects and I have nothing but good things to say about them.  I have a Voicetone Correct XT mainly for live performance, but also for occasional studio use and this thing is great.  The singer in my old band had one of the singles to control dynamics during live shows and loved it, as well.

Empirical Labs
These guys are the kings of compression and several other professional audio solutions.  Their Distressor is world famous and I can't wait to add at least 1 stereo pair to my own studio to throw on my mix bus.

Effects Boutique
If you play guitar or bass, this is the place you want to check for high-quality custom pedals.  Many of the pedals featured on this site are used by top musicians and have won various awards.  You won't find this stuff in your local Guitar Center, either.

Gibson makes some of the best guitars in the world.  I myself have a beautiful Gibson Explorer in a natural cherry red with a white pick guard that comes alive during late night shows.  If you are ever in the market for a guitar, and you have the money to spend, a Gibson is always a good option imho.

Marshall Amps
Jim Marshall started out in the early 60's making guitar amplifiers in London.  Today, you will find the signature Marshall logo in almost every pro studio and every live show you might attend.  These amps have great resonance, tube saturation and harmonic generation.  You can use these British workhorses to exploit sounds from clean to gritty to full blown death metal.

Mixing Audio
This is Roey Izhaki's website and I highly recommend you take a look.  Buy his book while you're at it, too, also called "Mixing Audio", if you are interested in getting into mix engineering.  Great advice and he uses actual songs with audio samples to illustrate the covered principles.

Avid Pro Tools
This is the DAW (digital audio workstation) I have chosen to use for recording and mixing my own music.  It is the industry standard and essentially in every professional studio throughout the world.  If you are thinking about getting into audio engineering in the digital realm, there are plenty of great options out there, but I think this is the best choice since it provides transferable skills.

Capricorn Studios
This San Diego-based recording studio is full of life and amazing tone.  I volunteered there for a few months and was very impressed with the staff and equipment.  Definitely has a great vibe and makes you feel at home, and can bring out the creativity needed during recording and production.

Capricorn Mastering
This is Joe Goodwin's business and he is affiliated with Capricorn Studios.  I've had the chance to get inside his mastering room and let me tell you, the equipment is incredible.  My personal favorite is the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor.  Joe mastered my song "Economy" and charges a very fair price considering his skill and good communication about what to do with your music.

710 Beach Club
If you ever come to San Diego, make sure to check this bar out.  It's in Pacific Beach all the way at the end of Garnet located at base of the famous Crystal Pier.  My band Joker Face had a regular gig for a while at this place and it was always a great crowd.  Some pretty big bands come through this place, too, and the sound guy is almost always right on.  Great monitors on stage, too.  Make sure to book in advance if that's what you are looking to do.


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