September 25, 2014

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Flights Over Phoenix
Flights Over Phoenix is an alternative rock band originally from Boston, MA and now residing in Los Angeles, CA.  The first thing that grabbed me with their music was the extreme musicality in Keith Longo's vocals.  His voice contains a natural richness and tone that steps out of your speakers to greet you right at the beginning of "Find You in Heaven."

The next thing that stood out to me was the incredible production quality of their audio mixes, which is something I'm always sensitive to.  As you listen through to all their material, you can tell they invested the proper time and/or money to produce a high-quality musical product.

Last but not least, Chris Santillo's guitar parts and Alex Stark's keyboard work fits perfectly with the rhythm and feel of each song.  This may seem obvious, or that it should be a given for a halfway decent band, but with Flights Over Phoenix's crossover blend of rock, pop, alternative, and even hip hop -- it takes some real thought to write meaningful, original parts that can bridge all those genres.  Great work, dudes!  It was cool to discover that you all met through Craigslist, too.

So, how did you guys get involved in this project?

We both started playing at a young age but then got away from it most of our teen lives. I (Keith) started playing drums at a young age and played in bands in high school. Chris took guitar lessons as a 12 year old and then put it down for 5 or 6 years.  We both always played sports but in each of our early twenties found music again. I started singing and writing songs, and moved west from Boston and met Chris. That's kinda how we started.

What song would you say is your favorite?

It's hard to pick a favorite out of your own songs, you get really close to all of them and sometime you love them and sometimes you hate them. But, I'd say "Runaway California" lyrically has a lot of meaning for me. Chris's favorite is one called "Holding Gold" that we haven't released yet. Stay tuned!

Please tell us about any upcoming events, releases, or shows.

We have a show on October 4th at the annual "Oktoberfest" in Montrose, CA on the main stage. You can check out our Facebook page for the details We will be continuing to write songs and are looking to release an EP in early 2015.

Thanks guys!  Keep up the good work and we'll look forward to your album release.


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