May 11, 2019

Close your eyes and drift into the sunset on waves made of black sunshine, with the luscious sound of Leg Puppy. A four-piece electronic dance outfit from South London, England.

Every now and then a band appears that completely rips up the rule book, and throws it right back in your face. From their clever marketing & branding, superb YouTube videos, to their brilliantly energetic live shows & social commentary anthems "Selfie Stick - Narcissistic Prick" LegPuppy are a band that are not afraid to hold back.

I've seen the band play live and every show is different. They've coined the phrases genre benders, electronic cabaret & you deserve a shoe, yep, I'm confused my the last one, but who cares, their creativity and sense of humor is evident in their music, take "Running Through a Field of Wheat" for example, a dig at current UK prim minister Theresa May, who claimed the naughtiest thing she ever did was to, well, you guest it. "Selfie Stick – Narcissistic Prick" takes a dig society using the metaphor 'Selfie Stick" to hilarious effect.

The bands sound has a sonic diversity using electro, punk, drum n bass, trip hop and dance music. Imagine The Prodigy meets Underworld, meets Massive Attack meets The Streets, with a hint of Fleetwood Mac thrown in for harmonies.

Their new album 'You Should Be Paranoid' is out now.


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